• DNP Materials Sdn Bhd

    DNP Materials is a leading company in distribution of plastic films and associated materials according to customers need.

  • DNP Materials Sdn Bhd

    DNP Materials works around the globe and around the clock, offering innovative solution to meet with evolving needs of consumer packaging film structure.

  • DNP Materials Sdn Bhd

    Our expertise creates tailored materials solutions, inspiring innovation, consumer friendly packaging by significantly improving the performance.

  • DNP Materials Sdn Bhd

    We strive to improve energy efficiency and reduce emissions in all of our operation as part of our focus on sustainable manufacturing.

  • DNP Materials Sdn Bhd

    Our mill focus on efficiency manufacturing processes that have lower environmental impact and on innovation to support the development of products with environmentally preferred characteristic.

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We are devoted to helping our customers flourish in their business by optimising performance and processing benefits for a range of flexible packaging application with our innovative products.

World Class Quality

Global market offers your business substantial opportunities for revenue growth. However, its increasing competitiveness requires your business to produce high quality products at the right time and right price. DNP Materials could help to meet your needs. Ensuring top-notch quality of your product and cost-efficient.

Invention and Innovation

In business world, we know that both quarterly targets and long term strategies are important. DNP Materials offering innovative solutions to design needs in virtually every converting arena. Let us help you differentiate your products.

Our Commitment

At the core of our business are our people, our values and our commitment to meet today's demanding packaging requirement. With a vision to be the best national provider of packaging materials and services, and the desire among each and every employee to enhance our customers' profitability.